Fayetteville, NCHigh school programs will face off against nationally ranked players and teams during 3rd Annual Hoops and Dreams Showcase, at Methodist University. The event will be November 29-30, tickets will go on sale the day of the event and be sold on a first come, first served basis.

In all,  20 programs will be playing in the Hoops and Dreams Showcase. Fayetteville local schools  Village Christian, Northwood Temple, Freedom Christian, Fayetteville Christian, Cape Fear Christian and Trinity Christian will be taking the floor. Other North Carolina teams, such as defending state champions Farmville Central and Greenfield School will participate, along with the likes of Liberty Heights, Cape Fear Academy, GRACE Christian, Moravian Prep, Word of God, Pender, Burlington School, Wayne Country Day, Piedmont Classical and Combine Academy from the Hoop State.

This year’s Hoops and Dreams Showcase will have an international feel as Rothesay Netherwood School (Nova Scotia, Canada) will join Huntington Prep (West Virginia) as out of state teams.

North Carolina is referred to as the Hoop State, throughout the country. This is not only because of the basketball players who come from North Carolina, but also the incredible basketball atmospheres and events, played in North Carolina. Players in this year’s Hoops and Dreams Showcase are committed to the programs you watch on TV, with pledges made to the likes of Duke, NC State, Michigan State, West Virginia, Baylor, Michigan, NC Central, Wake Forest and others throughout the field.

Every year the Hoops and Dreams Showcase plays in front of capacity crowds as Division 1 prospects, and sometimes pros, are spread across every roster. Twelve players ranked by national services will participate in the Hoops and Dreams Showcase. Also, three teams, Huntington Prep, Moravian Prep and Word of God, are currently ranked among the top programs in the country.

The 3rd Annual Hoops and Dreams Showcase is also incredibly excited to announce a partnership with The Hoop State Network to live stream games. The Hoop State Networks is the most professional and skilled streaming app on the market, with a heavy emphasis on showcasing North Carolina in the most qualified manner.

The number of eyes who will be fixated on Fayetteville, North Carolina for this two-day event will be immense.

All games will be played at Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The official schedule will be release soon, be on the lookout on Twitter and Instagram at @Phenom_Hoops and @HoopsDreams910. Also, online at www.phenomhoopreport.com/hoops-and-dreams-showcase-details-page/

Featured Players
6’10” 2020 Isaiah Todd (Michigan) #7 ESPN
6’4” 2022 Jalen Hood Schifino #17 Rivals
6’9” 2020 Josh Hall #25 Rivals
6’9” 2020 Jaemyn Brakefield (Duke) #36 Rivals
6’10” 2020 Isaiah Cottrell (West Virginia) #63 247Sports
6’4” 2020 AJ Hoggard (Michigan State) #71 Rivals
6’3” 2021 Shane Dezonie #76 Rivals
7’1” 2020 Zach Loveday (Baylor) #84 Rivals
6’6” 2021 Jadun Michael #108 247Sports
6’1” 2021 Brayon Freeman #113 Rivals
6’3” 2021 Terquavion Smith (NC State) #139 247Sports
6’7” 2020 Justin Thomas #150 Rivals
6’5” 2020 Dji Bailey (Wake Forest)
6’11” 2020 Jaylon Gibson (Wake Forest)
6’9” 2020 Georges Lefevbre (Vermont)
6’9” 2020 Mylyjael Poteat (Rice)
6’1” 2020 Justin Wright (NC Central)