Self-care is all about caring for yourself to ensure that your physical and emotional needs are met. Keep your mind and body balanced with this wellness itinerary in Fayetteville, NC. 


Vagabond Cafe - Start your self-care day with a tasty matcha tea latte specially made with intention and even better benefits. They serve matcha made with finely grounded tea powder, an oat milk substitute, and vanilla. 

The latte is delicious and has a host of benefits, including a boost in antioxidants for brain function, cancer prevention, and more--which make for a perfect cheer to the start of your self-care day. 





Prima Elements is the next stop. 

Treat your gut with pressed juice, reset your diet with a liver detox, realign your chakras, or hop in a yoga session to relax and release at Fayetteville's top yoga studio and holistic wellness center. 





Now that you've worked up an appetite let's fuel yourself with a fulfilling lunch. The Salad Box & Some is the new vibrant restaurant on the block with an equally pleasing menu.

Build your salad with a variety of healthy toppings, wraps, salmon bites, and more. Or fill up to finish strong on their all-day breakfast menu. 

We're not limiting our approach to self-care, so why should we limit our lunch menu options?


the salad box


At Wine & Design, choose from any painting canvas that speaks to your inner Picasso, pour a glass of wine of your choosing to relax, and put your mind at ease. 

Painting creates an outlet for emotional release that stimulates the creative side of our mind while focusing on our creation and libation, which can lower anxiety. 


Wine and Design



Give your artwork a few minutes uninterrupted for our artwork to dry properly and grab a sweet treat from Sweet Palette

The mini cheesecakes call you in, but the macaroons, homemade ice cream, cake pops, and cupcakes keep you coming back. 


Sweet Palette



What better way to end your self-care day in the city than with friends, ale on draft, laughter, and a delicious meal from Gaston Brewing Company? 

Gaston's lavender cider, with flatbread pizza and friends, is just as perfect as it sounds for the self-care grand finale! 


Gaston Brewing Company