The 128th Annual Gathering of Combat Heroes to be held April 18-21, 2018

Fayetteville, NC -  The Legion of Valor, the oldest military service organization in the United States, will hold its 128th consecutive convention in Fayetteville April 19-21 at the Ramada Plaza and Bordeaux Convention Center.  The Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau is proud to work with this organization for this special event.

Each member of the Legion of Valor is a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, Army Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross or Air Force Cross -- the nation’s highest awards for extraordinary heroism in combat.   All members faced extraordinary conditions in combat and were called upon to risk their lives above and beyond the call of duty -- and did so without hesitation.  Members from across the United States will attend  the convention, including four who reside in North Carolina (NC). 

  • Jerry T. Walden, the current National Commander, received the Distinguished Service Cross for actions during an assault on Dong Ap Bia Mountain (Hamburger Hill) on May 18, 1968. Jerry lives in Wingate, NC.
  • Max Speers was awarded a Distinguished Service Cross while serving as a Special Forces Advisor for actions near Ben Soi South Vietnam on November 21, 1966. Max lives near Fayetteville, NC.
  • John E. Gray received a Distinguished Service Cross for action near the Chosin Reservoir in Korea on December 1, 1950. John resides in Mount Ulla, NC.
  • M.G. Worley received a Distinguished  Service Cross while serving with Special Forces in Viet Nam for actions on January 20-21, 1967. M.G lives in Chapel Hill, NC.

During their time in Fayetteville, members of the Legion will visit with active-duty military members of several different units assigned to Fort Bragg.  A solemn Memorial Service is held for Legion members who have passed on during the year. Each year the Legion says farewell to 30+ members -- many from WWll, Korea, and Viet Nam -- who have reached their last retreat. Members of the Legion will also participate in events in Fayetteville and honor the city’s commitment to our nation’s military.

For more information on the convention, visit or contact Jerry Walden at or 704-624-4144.

About Legion of Valor

 The prestigious Legion of Valor is the oldest military service organization in the United States. Its members have distinguished themselves in combat by extraordinary acts of selfless heroism, and have been recognized by our nation with award of the Congressional Medal of Honor or the Armed Services Crosses, the highest award for extraordinary heroism. Our membership spans all services and all ranks from private through 4-star general and includes combat operations from WWII through the current Afghanistan insurgency.

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