Tourism is an industry that strengthens our economy and connects our country. During National Travel and Tourism Week, we celebrate the industry's critical role in powering our nation's economy, communities, and connections. 

A passionate arts community, hidden treasures to explore, and a thriving network of local businesses powers Cumberland County's economic impact--roughly $666.67 million due to travelers and tourists. 


On any given trip, our visitors can experience a one-of-a-kind getaway experience:

  • Weekend escapes at one of our family-friendly parks and farms
  • Rest and relaxation in peaceful sanctuaries
  • Historic lessons at our expansive ASOM

Each of our visitors contribute to our booming county. 

Cumberland County, its explorers and residents benefit from a dedicated branch of agencies that work to add vibrancy throughout the community. Art installations and frequent showcases provided by the Arts Council of Fayetteville shine throughout the city, highlighting all that makes our home strikingly beautiful. 

Art Council IG Spot

In addition, the Cool Spring Downtown District uplifts the community's quality of life with frequently curated events that everyone can enjoy, from the youngest to the oldest in resident families, to travelers from as far as Florida or as close as Virginia. 

Dogwood Festival

Our agencies are bonded together by the common mission of enhancing our community. The Greater Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce supports our businesses on such a scale that provides our visitors with an enriched experience. 

Chamber Network Breakfast

The Fayetteville Cumberland Economic Development Corporation ushers larger corporations into town that support our infrastructure, which ultimately creates jobs that keep our economy moving forward. 

Join DistiNCtly Fayetteville in celebrating our tourism partners, leaders, and supporters throughout National Travel and Tourism Week. 

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