Super Bowl Party Tips


The Super Bowl is upon us, so football fans everywhere are preparing for what often turns out to be the party of the year. So, party planners need to step up their game!
As with any party, getting guests involved is the key to success. Here are a few tips and tricks from Distinctly Fayetteville to help you throw a party touchdown!


Dress for Success

Not everyone’s favorite team gets to play in this weekend’s big game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t represent! Have guests wear jerseys or dress up in team colors and costumes! Offer a prize for the best-dressed guest as an incentive.


Deck the Halls

Nothing says Super Bowl Party more than an actual sign saying, “Super Bowl Party.” Get everyone into the mood by placing signs, posters, balloons, and banners everywhere. And they don’t have to be store-bought. Handmade creations always look and feel cooler!


Decorate the Table

Food will be everywhere. So will spills and messes. Minimize postgame clean-up by laying a football-themed picnic table covering over tables. Big spenders can lay down real artificial turf instead! Check local party supply stores for both.


Break Out the War Paint

Clothes may make the man (or woman), but makeup makes them look more imposing. Have face paint sets available so adults and children can proudly display their favorite team colors.


Square off in a Cookoff

Everyone’s going to eat. Let everyone know who the Master Chef is at the same time! Have a chili cookoff or invite guests to bring their best potluck masterpieces. Then let guests sample each creation and rate them by a scorecard. Offer the winner a small gift or ceremonial prize.


Theme Music

Liven things up by playing the Monday Night Football theme song over a Bluetooth speaker whenever a guest arrives. It’ll pump up the adrenaline and flatter the new arrivals.  


Place Your Bets

Get everyone more involved by placing small bets (such as a quarter or dollar) on things, such as the winning team, final score, or any other milestone that might happen during the game.  


It’s Selfie Time

Everyone loves taking pictures at parties. Make them more memorable by creating a cool football-themed photo backdrop for selfies. Use team colors and decorative garlands along with hand-painted messaging to make a DIY photo booth worthy of the Hall of Fame.


Football Cornhole

Football season may be ending, but cornhole is always in season. Break out the wooden decks and bean bags to let guests get in the competitive spirit before, during, and after the game. Play one-on-one or as teams. Offer winners a gift card, small prize, or drink.


Flag Football

Don’t let the pros have all the fun. Invite guests over early so everyone can play a quick game of flag football before kickoff. Create a replica Super Bowl trophy to award to the winning team. Then take pictures and upload them to social media for all to see!