Did you know Fayetteville, NC, has one of America's highest percentages of Black-Owned Businesses? Or that African Americans have had a steep history of entrepreneurship in the community since the early 1800s?
There's no better time to learn about such achievements than Black History Month! Here are some cool things to know and explore about Fayetteville's African American history. 



Visit the Fayetteville History Museum to learn about the Orange Street School. Built in 1915, it's believed to be the oldest educational facility in Fayetteville. Long since closed, the structure still serves as a Black history museum. Visiting hours vary and are by appointment only. 


Orange Street School

Orange Street School in Downtown Fayetteville


The history hub's 2024 Black History Month exhibit will focus on the two-story brick building that served as an elementary school for most of its tenure. Orange Street School was also the origin of E. E. Smith High School, which operated on the second floor of the building from 1927 to 1929 and 1931 to 1940. 


Celebrate the Harlem Renaissance by joining the Cumberland Choral Arts for the Lift Every Voice and Sing musical journey through black history. This year's show will feature the Fayetteville Jazz Orchestra and will be interactive as all who attend are encouraged to dress to celebrate this vital period in American history. 


Experience the Our Culture: The Black Influence in Contemporary Culture art exhibition at the Arts Center Gallery. The exhibit explores a fresh take on black people's role in shaping the art landscape. It will dive into traditional, non-traditional, and contemporary interpretations of the influence of Black art. 


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