Fish and Game Trail IconFayetteville Cumberland County has plenty to offer when it comes to hunting and fishing. Here’s everything you’ll need - including a map of all the good spots. In addition, you’ll find answers to all your questions, like hunting and fishing licenses, operating hours, safety info, etc.

It is important to note that for all public fishing locations within Cumberland County, you must have a current fishing permit. To find out more about NC Fishing permits, please contact the NC Wildlife Resources Commission at (919) 707-0031 or at

All first-time hunting license buyers in North Carolina must have successfully completed a free Hunter Education Course before they can obtain a hunting or sportsman license. For more information about this course and obtaining a hunting or sportsman license, please contact the NC Wildlife Resources Commission at (919) 707-0031 or at

Hunting Season: Unless otherwise indicated for a particular game land, game animal and game bird seasons are the same as private land surrounding the game land. For animals with no closed season (groundhogs, skunk, coyote, feral hogs, armadillo, etc) hunting is allowed ONLY when another game animal or game bird is in season.

Fishing and Hunting on Fort Bragg

These trail destinations are not necessarily listed in any particular navigable order and may be visited individually.

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